Our Eco-friendly approach

The vignobles BENITO chose of a strong ecological commitment. We developed a method of work allowing us to reduce the impact of our activities on environment and health. This method bases itself on several points:

– HVE3 Certification: from a High Environmental Value holding.

– Stopped using chemical weed control all over the vineyard.

– Stopped using phytosanitary products classified as Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, and Reprotoxic (CMR).

– Recycling rainwater for the treatment of the vines.

– Phytotherapy: use of plants (Stinging nettle, horsetails, comfrey, queen of meadows) along with phytosanitary products in order to better protect the vines from diseases and, at the same time, reduce the levels of agrochemicals.

– Using about thirty honeybee hives to vector pollenisation and to monitor our eco-friendly approach as bees are sensitive to the quality of water, air and soil.