1994, Mr Nicolas Benito, who had an Industrial background but loved the countryside, acquired this property with its rich history.

Indeed, it is a coincidence that the most beautiful part of the estate was named Saint Nicolas, in reference to the order of Saint Nicolas who were based in Rions in the 18th century. The most ancient part of the winery in addition to the wells in the park which date back to 1744 are witness to this period.

In 2005 After the death of her father, Chantal Benito Larnaudie, at the time a lawyer, decided to take control of the domain in 2005 and reorganized the management and the estate itself.

She underwent two years of training in the ENITA and obtained her Master’s degree in Vineyard Management.

During this period the wine trade was foregoing a transformation and Chantal Bénito Larnaudie took up the challenge of moving from the bulk trade to the sale in bottles.

Since 2010 all the production is sold in bottles respecting the artisanal concept carried out in the vineyards with the fabrication of the wine. With the dynamic organisation of Chantal Bénito Larnaudie, the BENITO vineyards apply controlled wine in their domaine: returning to the land together with the adoption of agriculture against cryptogamic disease, with protection of the ecosystem and control of the yields.

Since 2015 following the advice of our oenologue Stéphane Toutounji, we have carried out with success the “vinification without Sulphur” from the harvest to the end of the malolactic fermentation. This enables the creation of a very pure and affirmed fruity wine and to engage ownership in an approach virtuous environmental

In 2021, Benito vineyards begin their conversion to organic farming.