Our wines

Vineyards BENITO applies a reasoned vine growing today.

For our wine making, our cuvier is equipped with tanks thermo regulated by different volumes allowing us a perfect traceability. It allows to follow every plot of land of our vineyard.

Worried about our impact on the environment and the quality of our wine, we apply the wine making without sulfur. It is a question of replacing the sulfur by a yeast established by present microorganisms on the surface of the grapes. It allows to win in purity, in expression and keep the fineness taste of fruit.

We produce four red wines:
• Château Saint-Nicolas en appellation Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux,
• Château Tour du Videau en appellation Côtes de Bordeaux,
• Cuvée Lascaut without sulfur en appellation Bordeaux,
• Château Graveyres en appellation Bordeaux supérieur.

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And one white wine:
• Château Graveyres en appellation Entre-deux-Mers,

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